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What are the benefits of a urine diverting composting toilet?

If you’ve been searching around the interwebs for info about composting toilets, it’s very likely you’ve come across some info about urine diversion or seen urine diverting composting toilets for sale and thought to yourself ‘what’s the benefit of doing that?’. 

You’re not alone. We get many customers calling us wanting more information about urine diversion and its benefits so we’ve decided to put all our knowledge together into this blog post so it can hopefully also help you!

Hang on, isn’t urine good for your compost pile?

Well, yes. And no. We’ve all heard the saying ‘too much of a good thing’ before and in the case of urine in your composting toilet, too much is bad for your pile. Many composting toilets will come with exhaust fans to help remove excess liquid from your composting pile as too much liquid can kill off all the good enzymes, bacteria and organisms that help to break down human waste. To help alleviate this, many people opt for a urine diversion composting toilet. 

Why urine diverting toilets are growing in popularity

Having a urine diverting composting toilet (also sometimes called a urine separating toilet) can be extremely beneficial in avoiding the issues associated with additional liquid in composting toilets. The usage of the toilet remains exactly the same for users of the toilet as urine is automatically diverted by the toilet either into a separate container, grey water or a drain pit. 

Keeping your composting pile relatively dry will help reduce some of the most common issues and problems associated with regular composting toilets. A urine diverting composting toilet will:-

  • Help reduce excess liquids in your toilet
  • Reduces the reliance on exhaust systems to remove excess liquids
  • Reduces the reliance on evaporative systems to remove excess liquids
  • Helps maintain the health of your composting pile
  • Reduces the need for heat pads
  • Can greatly increase the capacity of your composting toilet
  • Reduces issues with odour

Can you add urine diversion to an already installed composting toilet?

This will depend on the type of composting toilet you have installed in your home. If you have a split system composting toilet (where there is a receptacle installed under your home or bathroom and a pedestal that sits over the top of the composting chamber) then you can replace your traditional pedestal for a urine diverting model. 

Take the Porcelain Pasadero Pedestal for example. This is a great pedestal to add to an already existing composting toilet if you’re looking for a urine diverting composting toilet system. 

Where does the urine go in a urine diverting composting toilet?

There’s three options available for diverting urine in your composting toilet system. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to collecting or disposing of excess urine from your composting toilet:-

Divert excess urine directly to an absorption trench
Diverting urine into an absorption trench is an easy way to manage excess urine in your composting toilet. Be sure to check with your local council about requirements for absorption trenches. 

Divert excess urine to collection bottles
If an absorption trench isn’t an option on your property you can collect excess urine in collection bottles. These can range in size and capacity to suit your family’s needs. 

Divert excess urine to the excess liquid hose
Most composting toilets will come with an excess liquid diversion hose that connects to the chamber where the compost pile is held. This hose allows for any additional liquid to drain off into an absorption trench and will mix with what’s typically called ‘black water’ to then be dispersed through the trench. 

If you’re considering purchasing a composting toilet, a urine diverting pedestal is a great option if you install a split system composting toilet in your home. If you are looking for an all-in-one or self contained urine diverting toilet, we suggest taking a look at the Separett Urine diverting toilet, Separett Tiny® with Urine Container, Separett Tiny® with Urine Extraction or the Sun-Mar™ GTG Urine Diverting Toilet.

If you would like any additional information about urine diversion for composting toilets, please feel free to contact us on 1300 138 182 or via our contact us page.

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